Natti Natasha

natti natasha

Name – Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista

Stage Name – Natti Natasha

Date Of Birth – December 10, 1986

Birthplace – Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Net Worth – $12M

Source Of Wealth – Singer, Songwriter

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, professionally known as Natti Natasha, was born on December 10, 1986, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. She is a prominent figure in the Latin music scene, specializing in reggaeton, Latin pop, and various other genres.

Natti Natasha gained widespread recognition for her chart-topping hits and collaborative efforts with other artists. With her dynamic vocals and distinctive style, she has become a leading female artist in the reggaeton genre.

Known for her energetic performances and contributions to the global music landscape, Natti Natasha continues to make waves with her music, captivating audiences around the world. Her impact extends beyond the realm of music, as she has also made a name for herself as a fashion icon and influencer.

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