T.O.P. Turns 34!

A South Korean rapper, composer, record producer, actor, and model with the stage name T.O.P., Choi Seung-Hyun was born on November 4, 1987. Before he joined Y.G., T.O.P described himself as an underground rapper. amusement while learning. He made his Big Bang debut in 2006 and went on to have amazing success.

Full Name: Choi Seung-Hyun

Nickname: T.O.P.

Birth date: November 4, 1987

Age: 34

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′ 11.25″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $12 million

Career Timeline


The K.B.S. radio “Rap Battle” competition is won by T.O.P.


T.O.P. makes his rapping debut with Big Bang.


The M.B.C. channel extends an offer to T.O.P. to serve as the host of “Show! Music Core.”


Together with G-Dragon, T.O.P. creates the group G.D.&T.O.P.


T.O.P. appears on the track “Dancing On My Own” from Pixie Lott’s album “Young Foolish Happy,” which also features G-Dragon.


T.O.P. and his group make a comeback after being absent due to military duty and several problems, and they drop the single “Still Life.”