Phora, an American rapper and entrepreneur, was born on October 11, 1994, in Anaheim, California. He is a Libra by star sign. He came from a fairly difficult family. His mother reared him in a setting that was inappropriate for a young boy because his father abandoned him. Despite a challenging beginning, he overcame the obstacles to carve himself a prosperous career in the rap industry. His birthday is today, and we honor both his life and his accomplishments.

Career Timeline:


“Yours Truly”

By creating “Yours Truly,” an independent label, he makes his debut in the music industry.


Phora is “Still A Kid”

He published “Still A Kid,” his self-titled first album.


Lights, Camera, Action

His pal George Orozco collaborates with him to record his music videos.


Member of the Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. offered Phora a record deal since they give him complete creative freedom.